On Feb 29, Norwalk High School had 16 students go to John Deere Financial in Johnston, IA to participate in the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge!

Students enjoyed getting personal investing advice from professionals in the Investment Hour sessions that were provided. Challenges lasted 60 minutes, each minute represented 1 day. Students created starting portfolios at school before attending the event. During the event, teams watched a ticker board, received news briefs, and worked with stock brokers to buy and sell stocks during the competition. The teams’ placements were based on their ending portfolio value.

Salty Springs Stockholders (Noah Buhrow, Tyden Eng, Teegan Kralik, and Charlie Trilk) 7th out of 44 teams
Absolute Trading (Zach Armstrong, Carson Backer, Camdin Cooper & Gavin Phillips) 9th out of 44 teams

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