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Student Counseling Center

Our role is to be the contact for students and parents/guardians for all matters with the academics, career planning, and social/emotional concerns a student might have during their high school (9–12) years. The direct phone line is (515) 981-1833 and the fax is (515) 981-1868. The Counseling Center assigns students by their last name.  We look forward to working with all of our students and their parents/guardians!


Graduation Portfolio

Curriculum and College Registration

Student Handbook

Transcript Request

Upcoming College Visits

Request to See a Counselor Form



The NHS Advocates Office recommends students start taking the ACT during their junior year. Depending on your math level, some students should start testing in October and December – all other juniors should take the test in February and April. There are SIX testing times throughout the year. The other two are September and June.

NHS School code is 163245 if you want to Test at Norwalk our site code is 197870.  If you have an IEP or 504 you need to see your Advocate, before your register, about possible accommodations. If you are on free or reduce lunches, see the Advocates Office for possible fee reductions through the ACT.

Take the ACT


If you are interested in the SAT see your Advocate for more information or go to the below link. NHS School code is 163245 – we are not a test site for the SAT.

Collegeboard website

Log in to Collegeboard


The Below link is for the DMACC ALEKS Test.  If you are planning to take a math course at DMACC, you will have to complete the ALEKS Test for placement purposes.

DMACC website


There are a lot of questions about AP scores. What does my AP score mean?  Will my college/university take my score?  How much is the test?  Am I an AP Scholar? Where do I find my scores?

The Deans Office can’t begin to know what every college/university takes, doesn’t take, and the multitude of other variables. We suggest you contact you college/university of choice or google the site and investigate your options. We have included the links for ISU, IOWA, UNI and DMACC.

AP Students website

Iowa State University AP Information

University of Iowa AP Information

University of Northern Iowa AP Information

DMACC AP Information

NHS Profile, Honors, Awards

The yearly NHS Profile (PDF) information is provided to colleges/universities, employers, and scholarship committees.

Academic Pin and Bars

At the start of each school year students in grades 9–12 who have earned a 3.500 grade point average BOTH semesters the year prior will be invited to the Fall academic ceremony.  The ceremony is hosted by the National Honor Society and the Student Advocates Office.  The first year a student receives the 3.500 for both semesters an academic pin is presented. Each year after the student will receive a bar. Grade point averages will not be rounded up. The ceremony is usually the last Wednesday in August.

Honor Roll

At the end of each semester any student with a 3.250 or higher grade point average will be on the honor roll for the semester. Grade point averages will not be rounded up.

National Honor Society

During the 2nd semester of a student’s junior year anyone in the top 10% of the class will be invited to apply for induction into the NHS National Honor Society. Currently Mr. Kurtt is the sponsor and any questions should be directed to him at If a grade point average is used for final selection the average will not be rounded up.

Senior Honors Night

Each year on the Thursday before graduation the NHS Senior Honors Night is conducted.  The event starts at 7:00 pm and is in the NPAC. Seniors will be recognized with scholarships, honors, and department awards. A messenger will be sent out at least a week prior to notify parents/guardians of the honor.

NCAA & NAIA information

NCAA Information for Divisions I, II, & III

NCAA Eligibility Center for students who are looking to play Division I or II in a sport at a NCAA college/University

NAIA information

NAIA information for students who are looking to play in a sport at a NAIA college/university

Silver Cord NHS


The purpose of the Norwalk Silver Cord Program is to instill within students the importance of community service and encourage students to be accountable for investing in their own education and in their community on a regular basis during their school years. 

Starting in the Fall of 2021, the volunteer service hours will move from the graduation portfolio to a NHS Silver Cord. All students are eligible to earn silver cord hours between their freshman year and the end of first semester of their senior year. Seniors will have until the first Friday in February to complete their service hours. This new program is being grandfathered.  Each class must record the following number of hours to earn a Silver Cord.

Class of 2022: 40 Hours

Class of 2023: 50 Hours

Class of 2024: 70 Hours

Class of 2025: 80 Hours

* During the 20-21 school year, students could have completed their service hours and/or completed the reflection on what they learned about helping others (worth up to 10 hours). 

While we recommend students continue doing service every year there is no requirement.  At this time, the only requirement is the TOTAL HOURS.

Submitting Service Hours

Upon completing volunteer service hours, you will need to complete this form

You have 30 days from the date of volunteer service to add your hours. Volunteer hours will be shared throughout the year with Warrior Time teachers so students will know where their hours stand.  Students can verify their totals by emailing, but please remember it is the student’s responsibility to track their service hours.

Past years’ hours…

Grad years 2022, 2023, & 2024: When submitting past service hours and you DO NOT have the information for the organization, phone, and email do the following:

Activity Contact Name (First and Last): “WT Teacher” Name

Activity Contact Email: “WT Teacher” Email

Activity Contact Phone Number: Enter the number “0”

Volunteer Opportunities

Students – Click Here for Volunteer Opportunities

Hours MUST be through a non-profit organization, school activity,  and/or outside organization.  If you want to complete service hours through family or other areas, please see the building principal or student advocate for approval.

Looking for Volunteers?

If you/your organization/your business is looking for student volunteers, please first review our Posting Guidelines & Policies and then submit your volunteer opportunity via this form. Once we receive your request, we will advertise the opportunity to students.

Still Need Assistance?

If you still need assistance or have further questions, please contact the NHS Counseling Center.

Office hours: Monday-Friday, 7:45 AM – 3:45 PM

Phone Number: 515-981-1833

Staff Contacts