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Norwalk, IA – State Auditor Rob Sand on Wednesday delivered a pie and awarded a Most Improved School District certificate to administrators and staff at Norwalk Community School District, where he touted the district’s success in implementing innovations that save taxpayer dollars as part of the P.I.E. (Public Innovations and Efficiencies) program.

“P.I.E. has shown real promise in reducing costs for local governments and other public entities across Iowa over the last four years,” said Auditor Sand. “Norwalk schools have been a leader in adopting cost-cutting measures like reduced energy consumption and paperwork reduction. This not only helps the district do more with the limited resources they have—it’s also the right thing to do.”

“The Norwalk Community School District is proud to accept the Public Innovation and Efficiencies (PIE) Award for 2022 as the Most Improved School District by the Auditor of State, Rob Sand,” said Jake Loll, Director of Business Services with Norwalk Community School District. “This award acknowledges the district’s outstanding achievements in energy and resource efficiency, transparency, community collaboration, and fiscal efficiency. Thanks to Rob Sand and the entire Auditor’s office for the creation of this award to recognize public entities and incentivize efficient use of Iowa tax dollars.”

The P.I.E. Program is a voluntary checklist that local government entities submit to highlight the ways they are improving government efficiency. The program has more than 500 participants and has been copied by other state auditors across the country, including the Mississippi State Auditor, a Republican.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Auditor Sand, please contact C.J. Petersen at or 515.388.0698.